Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1    The 'Privacy Policy' of Travel Bingo Holiday is estimated to deliver the online website visitors as

          well as its customers the necessities associated through the management as well as safety

         measures of all of the customers and visitors confidential as well as personal information which

         has been at a straightforwardness since the establishment.

1.2   By 'Personal Information', we identify and denote any assortment of information which can be

         without any trouble associated with an accurate individual.


2. General Insights

2.1   The Privacy Policy consists of the customer’s name, address, telephone number, E-mail ID, credit

         card number, and further added additional information.

2.2   The usage of the images, Web site layout and its design basics, text, graphics, logos, buttons,

         icons, brochures, forms, software, the written content, the organization, collection and display

         here is a Copyright © 2020 Travel Bingo Holidays. All rights reserved of Travel Bingo Holidays.


3. Tour Booking

By taking up a tour booking with Travel Bingo Holidays, you approve to your provided personnel details being approved on to the significant personnel’s.


3.1 Booking Policy

On the announcement of our booking policy, we stipulate only 30% of the whole amount as a nod of advance as well as contemplation that can be set down in our underneath mentioned Bank accounts at the end of the Privacy policy section. Balance will be obligatory upon your arrival to India


3.2 Online Booking

When you provide your personnel details through online bookings, we will gather information like that of your name, e-mail address, telephone number etc. With the help of all these details we will be able recognize precisely who is making the use of our services, so that we can without any trouble take action upon your queries as well as what all is mandatory to include. Mandatory information necessities are visibly recognized and are indicated by an asterisk symbol (*). Moreover, you will also be given a prompt during the submission of your form in case any of the mandatory data has not been fulfilled.


3.3 Cancellation Policy

20% Cancellation Of The Package Cost After Confirmation/Issuing The Hotel Voucher.

25% Cancellation Of The Package Cost Before 7 Days Of The Travelling Date.

50% Cancellation Of The Package Cost Before 04 Days Of The Travelling Date.

100% Cancellations Before 02 Days Of The Travels Date.

In Case Passenger Is No Show At The Time Of Departure, 100% Of Tour Cost Shall Be Detected.


4. Our Privacy Policy on the Controlled Personnel Information


4.1   How Do We Collect The Information?

        The kind of personal details that we gather from you will depend on the state of affairs of the

        compilation of the kind of service you demand from us.


Please Note**: As It Is Mandatory For Us By Law To Acquire Your Approval To The Compilation Of The "Sensitive Information" We Will Presume That You Have Sanctioned Us To The Compilation Of All The Details That You Have Presented Us With For Use In Agreement With This Declaration.


4.2 How Do We Use The Information?

Your personnel details are gathered for the purpose of the following details:

      1.    To route your travel as well as other dealings

      2.    To smooth the progress of your contribution in the loyalty program of other associations

      3.    To carry out marketing activities plus to carry out market study


4.3 Disclosure Of The Sensitive Information To The Third Parties ?

We might also disclose your personal details to an assortment of law enforcement agencies as well as governments globally for security, immigration and customs purpose.

Your details will also be common among the associated companies with Travel Bingo Holidays, wherever it is essential to fulfill the rationale.


Copyright © 2020 Travel Bingo Holidays. All rights reserved of Travel Bingo Holidays.


Note :

"As per our booking policy, we require 30% advance payment for tour and 100% for flights or train tickets. Please deposit the payment to our company bank account only. Any payment deposited to any personal account, TRAVEL BINGO HOLIDAYS will not take any responsibility for booking or any services. Any communication done on any personal email I'd apart from our company email I'd or any payment deposited to any personal bank account, company will not be responsible for any booking or services. So please do not response on any personal email I'd and do not deposit any payment to any personal bank account."